TWN-01 series sleeve

Sleeve Introduction Video
TWN-01 sleeve sleeve physical cooling anti-UV test
  • TWN-01涼感抗UV袖套 形象
  • TWN-01涼感抗UV袖套 抗UV測試
  • TWN-01涼感抗UV袖套 側面
  • TWN-01涼感抗UV袖套 手臂側
  • TWN-01涼感抗UV袖套 側面

1. Features of cuff products

Made of two different densities of cool-feeling functional fabrics with double-sided seamscool sunscreen sleeves

(made of double-density moisture-wicking 85%Polyester and 15%Spandex elastic fiber hydrophilic cooling fabric)

Made of hydrophilic cool polyester fiber material, the sweat flowing from the body can be quickly diffused through the specially designed tissue, and the surrounding temperature will drop rapidly by the principle of water changing into water vapor and absorbing heat. The actual measurement will drop to 4 degrees, and in the Spandex acrylic is added during the production of the fabric so that the sleeves can comfortably fit the shape of the arm without being tight and increase durability. In addition, the fabric of the sleeves also meets the UPF50+ standard, which is a cool and anti-UV sunscreen.

And using the UV test card without cutting the knife, the actual measurement meets the UPF50+ anti-UV standard and sun protection is also OK

2. Use thumb elastic to keep gloves from slipping backwards

3. Why is it designed like this

1. The printing on the sleeve is Tengyun locomotive Tengyun

It is the first locomotive that appeared in Taiwan's history. It is also the beginning of Taiwan's modernization. It has a sense of mechanical power and a history of Taiwan.

2. And what is the meaning of "Zan ㄟ Taiwan stubborn" above the sleeve

Our Taiwan, which mainly speaks Taiwanese, and in the current society, we motorcycle races have opened up a new page for Taiwan’s transportation, such as delivery, working hard for Taiwan at work, and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Taiwan by motorcycle. This is what we agree with.

3. The next step is the fundamentals of cooling sleeve products

Because the outer muscles will work harder when riding a bike, the outer layer is made of higher-density materials to stabilize the muscles and reduce shaking, making it easier to ride a motorcycle without the cool feeling and sun protection, but the color selection must match the inner side, so I chose the most It is designed with blue sky, white sun and red elements.

In the future, this TWN-01 cool sleeve series will have more different designs about Taiwan's historical stories, so stay tuned

4. All series of products are made in Taiwan


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