LS500F Waterproof helmet bag

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*pay attention* In order to keep the inside of the bag from stinks, the bottom of the hat bag is designed with a vent hole, so please hang it on the motorcycle helmet according to the following diagram to prevent water from entering.


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Model: LS-500F Waterproof Helmet Bag

Colour: Black

Dimensions: 37cm x 28cm x 30.5cm

Accessories: One detachable double shoulder strap

Product features

✔️Specially in line with the front hook of the scooter|Simple anti-theft design

✔️Three-ring buckle zipper pull to achieve anti-theft function|Anti-fouling carbon fiber waterproof fabric|Waterproof zipper

✔️Anti-UV lining does not hurt the helmet body paint|Flannel lining is antibacterial and deodorant

✔️Single shoulder and side back|Double shoulder back|Portable

✔️Multiple storage methods|Can be folded to a very small size|Perfect storage in the small storage space of heavy machines


After collecting the experience and opinions of the majority of users, Mo Liepu launched an upgraded version of LS-500F.

*The inner lining is upgraded to flannel to strengthen the protection of the cap body paint

*Change the length of the strap to make it sticker to the back

*The zipper piece has been changed to an integrated design, which improves durability and is easier to hang on the helmet hanger

*Increase the handle

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