A61-II raincoat

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A61 raincoat is not only beautiful but also practical

Use 3M 8725 reflective material all around

3M 8725 reflective material

Four major advantages

1. No need to take off shoes to wear directly to solve the trouble of taking off shoes and wearing traditional two-piece raincoats

2. Detachable ergonomic rain boots do not need to be prepared separately, the practicality of rain boots is UP

3. Design backpack storage space design, more convenient to use

4. The ultra-cool, non-stick one-piece fabric solves the dilemma of traditional raincoats being hot and difficult to take off.


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Improve the shortcomings of the previous two-piece raincoat being difficult to wear

A61-II raincoat design

The A61 raincoat is a one-piece raincoat redesigned by Mohun Shop that integrates the problems that knights will encounter when using raincoats.

It solves the problem of two-piece raincoats being difficult to wear in the past, and uses multi-pore polyester fiber fabric with a waterproofness of 10000mmH2O and a moisture permeability of 5000 g/m2‧24hrs, and is sewn with waterproof threads, so that it can be worn all day long. Comfort, and the unique AAS (Applicable in all states) fixing system that is applicable in all states. Whether you are wearing a backpack or pulling up your top caused by riding on a bike, AAS can prevent rainwater from penetrating under any circumstances. pants


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