A61-II two-piece functional clothing

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A61-II two-piece functional clothing is not only beautiful but also practical

Introduction to A61-II two-piece functional clothing

⦁ Improve the difficulty of wearing two-piece raincoats in the past

⦁ Made of high-tech moisture-wicking polyester fabric and waterproof thread sewing

⦁ The whole set weighs only 680g

⦁ The top can be worn alone or comes with rain boots covers for free matching

⦁ The surrounding logo made of 3M 8725 reflective material is safer at night

⦁ The shape design makes it convenient to wear a raincoat when carrying a backpack


A61-II two-piece functional clothing design

The A61-II two-piece functional jacket is a redesigned and improved two-piece functional jacket (made in Taiwan) that Mohawk has integrated into the problems that riders will encounter when using raincoats.

讓雨衣上衣隨時都能擋在雨褲後面 增強防水性
The raincoat top can be worn behind the rain pants at any time to enhance the waterproofness

It solves the problem of two-piece raincoats being difficult to wear in the past, and uses multi-pore polyester fiber fabric with a waterproofness of 10000mmH2O and a moisture permeability of 5000 g/m2‧24hrs, and is sewn with waterproof threads, so that it can be worn all day long. Comfort, and the unique AAS (Applicable in all states) fixing system that is applicable in all states. Whether you are wearing a backpack or pulling up your top caused by riding on a bike, AAS can prevent rainwater from penetrating under any circumstances. pants


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