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Product Features of Sleeves

1. Two kinds of cool feeling functional fabrics with different densities are used for double-sided seams

The thinner side of the cool-feeling functional fabric dissipates heat faster, while the denser side of the cool-feeling functional fabric loses heat less quickly than the thinner side. This principle allows the arm to feelCool and comfortableEffect

The denser side can also provide good sun protection

Give you a cool and comfortable feeling different from ordinary sleeves

Summer - cool feeling, comfortable and constant temperature, cool material with two densities can keep cool feeling and constant temperature

Winter - When wearing (jacket + gloves + sleeves), the sleeves are dense enough and thick enough to keep warm

2. Use thumb elastic to keep gloves from slipping backwards


3. All series of products are made in Taiwan



Introductory video

The sleeves are made of two different densities of cool-feeling functional fabrics with double-sided seams


real wear photo

Creation and Printing of Taiwan Literature and History
Republic of China flag element design

Sleeve size

There are two sizes

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