LS500F waterproof helmet bag

Brief introduction of LS500F helmet protector

Model: LS-500F waterproof helmet bag

Colour: Black

Dimensions: 37cm x 28cm x 30.5cm

All kinds of helmets can be installed, the maximum measured capacity can be installed to Shoei X14

Accessories: One detachable double shoulder strap

Uncut Waterproof Test Video:

Uncut Waterproof Test Video

LS500 waterproof helmet bag actual installation photos:

  • 防水帽袋

Product features

✔️Specially in line with the front hook of the scooter|Simple anti-theft design

✔️Three-ring buckle zipper pull to achieve anti-theft function|Anti-fouling carbon fiber waterproof fabric|Waterproof zipper

✔️Anti-UV lining does not hurt the helmet body paint|Flannel lining is antibacterial and deodorant

✔️Single shoulder and side back|Double shoulder back|Portable

✔️Multiple storage methods|Can be folded to a very small size|Perfect storage in the small storage space of heavy machines


After collecting the experience and opinions of the majority of users, Mo Liepu launched an upgraded version of LS-500F.

*The inner lining is upgraded to flannel to strengthen the protection of the cap body paint

*Change the length of the strap to make it sticker to the back

*The zipper piece has been changed to an integrated design, which improves durability and is easier to hang on the helmet hanger

*Increase the handle

*Comply with IP65 waterproof standard

LS500F Waterproof Hard Hat Bag Rear Seat Bag Kit

32 liters of luggage capacity

The LS-500F rear seat bag kit can transform the LS-500F waterproof helmet bag into a rear seat bag that can be used for both light and heavy gears, solving the problem of storage space for gear riders. The large capacity can hold full-face helmets, raincoats, The car cover has a converted capacity of 32 liters and you don’t have to worry about having no place to put famous products. The anti-falling safety belt has been updated, which takes into account both safety and beauty, and is more convenient and easy to use.

Installation instruction video:

LS500F rear seat bag kit installation manual

Instructions and installation pictures:

  • 說明書1
  • 說明書2
  • 後座包

Design and Persistence of Making LS500F

Considering that the weather is always changing, sometimes the helmet will get wet when it rains suddenly, so we have designed ventilation holes, so that the water will not be stuffed in the hat bag to dry out and stink, so as to achieve the purpose of waterproof and easy to use.

Our outer skin is made of Taiwan's ultra-thick carbon fiber skin and high-density ultra-soft flannelette lining. In addition to being waterproof, it also has the function of not scratching the helmet.

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