A61 Raincoat

How to wear A61-II raincoat

Instructions for wearing the ultra-ready A61-II raincoat

A61 raincoat design concept

A61 raincoat is a super wearable one-piece two-piece raincoat redesigned by Motor Shop to integrate the problems that knights will encounter when using raincoats.

A61-II raincoat product actual wearing picture

A61-II raincoat product features

1. No need to take off shoes to wear directly to solve the trouble of taking off shoes and wearing traditional two-piece raincoats

Boots fit easily too
Note: The boots with CE certification cannot pass directly

2. Detachable ergonomic rain boots do not need to be prepared separately, the practicality of rain boots is UP

3. Design backpack storage space design, more convenient to use

It can hold a bag with a maximum thickness of 20cm (if you need to carry a large bag, please match it with the bag according to your figure. For example, if you usually wear S size clothes, then choose a size 54 to make the bag have room to put it)

4. The super cool feeling does not stick to the inside of high-end suits, which solves the problem of sticky and sticky traditional raincoats

5. Super waterproof and lightweight polyester outer cloth PU coating with microporous aperture made waterproof and moisture permeable even in heavy rain

6. The reflective logo design on the left side and on the chest can remind other passers-by to improve their safety

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